Join the Projector Pivot Challenge

Ready to learn how to work with your projector energy? This 5-day email challenge will help you adjust to your Human Design type and strategy and live in alignment with them. It's meant to help you shift away from what you're currently doing (which is most likely out of alignment with your projector vibes) and into what ACTUALLY works for YOU as a PROJECTOR.

We'll cover

  1. What it means to be a projector (helloooo invitations!)
  2. Why + HOW you need to wait for those invitations
  3. How to accept an invitation using your authority
  4. How to avoid bitterness (because it can completely derail your projector energy)
  5. How to harness your energy + let your aura do the heavy lifting

Want to know who's hosting this challenge? Me - Ardelia Lee, host of That Projector Life podcast! *waves*

Please note: This challenge is only intended for Human Design projectors. If you're not a projector, you won't get much from this challenge. Not sure if you're a projector? Head to to find out.